To ensure happy homes for our rabbits, RidgeLine Rabbits retains the right to refuse any sale, to any person, for any reason, at any time, without explanation. By placing a deposit toward purchasing our rabbit(s), you acknowledge that you accept these policies. If, in the event WE have to cancel a sale, any deposits made will be returned to the buyer.  That said, we sincerely want to work with you on the purchase of your new rabbit, and always welcome any questions or concerns.

Pickup & Delivery. When your rabbit is ready, arrangements must be made to pick them up. We will not ship rabbits.  Rabbits may be picked up at RidgeLine Rabbits by appointment or we may be able to meet you somewhere local. Please be courteous of our time and be prompt. Please call if you will be late or need to reschedule; we will do the same.  At the time of delivery you will be given transitional food for your rabbit. This is the food your rabbit has been eating while it has been in our care. It is your responsibility to successfully transition your rabbit to your own feed and watering system. Please bring appropriate travel cage(s), including water bottles or drinking crocks. No travel cages or other carriers will be provided to take home your bunny.

Health Guarantee. We will not sell a rabbit unless we believe that the rabbit is healthy, and ready to leave our home. When you purchase the rabbit and leave the property you are approving of the condition, and terms of the sale. At this point we are no longer liable for what happens to the rabbit while in your care, and out of ours. We are more than happy to help as much as possible if a problem arises, however we cannot control how you care, handle or provide for the rabbit. If a problem does arise, and it’s proven that it’s a genetic issue or from fault of the actions of RidgeLine Rabbits then we will either refund your money or give you credit for another rabbit of the same value.  We dearly value our reputation as a reputable breeder, and make every effort to work with you if future problems arise.

Quality Disclaimer. We do not guarantee that any rabbit sold as a ‘show quality’ animal will win any awards or competitions. The classification of the rabbit as ‘show quality’ simply means that it is free of discernible disqualifications at the time of sale. As your rabbit matures it may develop disqualifications or faults that are not evident at the time of sale; this is not the responsibility of RidgeLine Rabbits, but rather this is the risk we all incur as breeders. If you believe that your rabbit has a discernible disqualification when delivered, it is your responsibility to bring this to our attention within 10 days of purchase.

Buyers Responsibilities.  Buyer is responsible to check the quality, health, temperament, sex, ears, nose, teeth & nails. We will go over the whole rabbit with the buyer; however mistakes can sometimes be made with young babies. So, that is why we want all of our buyers to inspect the rabbit for themselves.