20160121_181259Tattooing rabbit ear numbers… Tattooing rabbit ears is yet another part of showing rabbits that I have come to love / hate. I use a KBTatts gun because the clamps freak me out. I can’t say which process hurts less for the rabbit, but the clamp is probably quicker. The reason I use the tattoo gun is because I think the numbers come out cleaner, easier to read and last longer. I’ve had to re-do more than one ear tattoo that was done by clamps. As for consistency, there have been a few twitchy kits whose numbers have changed on the fly – when a B started looking like an 8!

Pre tattoo, nervous and giving me the stare down.

I’ve tried Ambesol and tattoo numbing cream, neither of which  seems to work very well.
My current method is to place a frozen water bottle on the rabbit’s ear for 30 seconds, alcohol clean, wrap them up nice and tight in a Wrappit, and get it done.  You can see in the pictures what a rabbit looks like in the Wrappit sleeve. I ordered all 3 sizes with custom embroidery from Ms. Annie- Pier Raymond, definitely one of my best rabbit purchases EVER.

This is post tattoo, back legs hanging out and thoroughly irritated with me.

I have found the best age to tattoo ears is 7-8 weeks old. With two people helping, it takes about 45 minutes to do ten ears.
After it’s done, I rub on some A&D and off they go!!

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