sl42-ringsThe American Chinchilla is one cool rabbit.  They have long straight ears, and incredible curled eyelashes that you can’t help but fall in love with.  Their eyes are brown, and they have the a quiet docile nature that makes you want to snatch them up and snuggle.  Listed as  “critically endangered”  by The Livestock Conservancy, this heritage breed is on the verge of disappearing.  Sustaining this special breed is one of the reasons we choose to start raising them – along with their sweet temperaments, and incredible pelts.  When you first look at this rabbit, it’s soft silky fur looks salt and pepper colored.  Once the fur is blown into, it forms distinct rings or bands of color, which are suppose to be as distinct as possible.  The picture to the left is an example of this trait.

The first Chinchillas were created by a French engineer M.J. Dybowski and were shown for the first time in April 1913 at Saint-Maur, France. The new breed took the rabbit world by storm as the ideal fur rabbit, which so greatly resembled the South American Chinchilla lanigera.

Through selective breeding for larger size, fine bones, and a good dress-out percentage, a breed standard was issued for the Heavyweight Chinchilla. It was a larger form of the Standard Chinchilla – the same shape, color, and general make up. In 1924, both Chinchilla breeds were adopted into the standards book and shortly thereafter, the Heavyweight Chinchilla was renamed the American Chinchilla.

The American Chinchilla is the most rare of the chinchilla breeds.  Its small population is largely due to the demise of the rabbit fur industry of the late 1940’s. Despite the breed’s fine meat producing qualities, producers of today prefer an all white rabbit for the meat market. The American Chinchilla is a large, hardy and gentle animal, with mature bucks weighing in at 9 to 11 pounds and does at 10 to 12 pounds. They produce large litters, have good mothering instincts, and fryers reach market weight quickly.  (Livestock Conservancy).

Our Does


GC Clem’s Lea 1/20/15 (5C9) (4 Legs)

Reg#Z0464N    GC#L2897

4/23/16 RCRC BOB
3/6/16 Dalton SEACRBC Specialty 1st Class
3/5/16 Dalton Triple Show B BOS
3/5/16 Dalton Triple Show C BOS



RL’s Babe 12/3/16 (LS96) (1 leg)

3/5/17 Dalton SEACRBC Specialty 1st Class

Our Bucks

Clem’s Spike 1/2/15 (5C8)

Journey Farm’s Hawaii 8/8/16 (CO33)

GC Walt’s Lewis 5/13/13 (COD) (3 Legs)